Today we will explore some interesting features of our new Gadget – The Google Chromecast 3

In case anyone here does not know what is Google Chromecast 3, it is a Video Streaming Device which can be plugged in to any display devices that has a HDMI Port (Eg: Projectors, LCDs and TVs). And yes, it is a product by Google

The Google Chromecast 3 measures 162 x 51.8 x 13.8mm and weighs 39.1 grams

It has a matte black finish with a iconic “G” logo on top and it has a hockey puck-like design

The Specs of Google Chromecast 3

– Storage: 256MB
– RAM: 512MB
– Chipset: Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus
– Full HD resolution 1920×1080 pixel

The Requirements of Google Chromecast 3

  • Any display devices with HDMI Port
  • Any Android or iOS Devices with Bluetooth and WiFi Connection
  • Any USB Port or Power socket to power up the Google Chromecast 3

How to Set-Up the Google Chromecast 3?

Hook up the Chromecast 3 to your TV HDMI Port.
Connect the Micro USB to your Chromecast 3

You can also connect the USB to the power source at by dD Enco

Download the Google Home app.
Select or add New Devices on Google Home Apps.
Select the same Wi-Fi Router
You will get verify code that will appear on your Mobile & Television.

You will get verify code that will appear on your Mobile & Television.

Choose a name then connecting it to your Wi-Fi Internet
Connect the Chromecast to the Internet.

Sign into your Google Account and Set-Up Done! Good to watch your Netflix, Youtube, Iflix and etc… 🙂

(Long story short: Find a compatible app, press the Cast button. That’s really all you have to do.)